Meet The Team

Maria and Bob Coulter

Bob and Maria are husband and wife team who formed and own the company.

Bob and Maria are our Managing Directors and their skills compliment each other. Bob has 30 years experience in running a business which works well as Maria is an experienced accountant.

Bob coordinates all deliveries personally with a focus on customer service, ensuring satisfaction with a view to giving you  a memorable and enjoyable hot tub experience. 

Maria is  our company accountant and Full Member of Association of Accountant Technicians. Also owns and runs her own business: Coulter Rhodes Accounting Limited. Maria deals with all your payments.

Maria also looks after your booking to ensure you receive your Hot Tub at a time convenient to you . You are most likely to speak to Maria when you call as the team will be out on the road.

Bob takes care of Installation, Servicing, Quality Assurance and Maintenance. 

Bob maintains all of our hot tubs ensuring they stay in the best condition all year round to provide all customers with a High Quality service.

Once the hot tub is collected from being on hire. They put every tub through a intense hygiene cleaning procedure.

The tub filters are removed,thoroughly cleaned and then placed in steriliser for a minimum of 24 hours.

The tubs are then disinfected inside and out, cleaning the pump and internal pipe works.

We pride ourselves on the High Quality Hygiene of our tubs and invested heavily in the leading cleaning equipment.