These Tub were originally purchased because people underestimated the Size of our Solid Tubs and we used as a backup if customers had any access issues.However they have providen popular. 

The Tub is assembled in the garden so access is never an issue.The Tub comes with a floating disco light for the dark nights.


The Canadian swift is an excellent alternative if a solid structured tub is not possible.

It has solid structure walls and is not an inflatable.


  • Air jets: 88 

  • Power rated: 220-240V, 50Hz 13 Amp

  • Heater:1910W

  • Filter Pump: AC 12V / 60W (2300L / 600 gal / Hour)

  • Water capacity: 1000 Litres / 330 gal

  • Outer spa diameter: 184 cm / 73 Inches